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As in the whole world, efforts are implemented in our country in all sectors for the management and saving of electric power. Here the most significant issue is to have an energy analyser produced with today’s technology which may carry out correct measurements and analysis. KAEL Elektronik, combined its experiences n the sector and added a brand new energy analyser which is fully equipped in terms of functional richness and with improved software, into the electric sector . The device has a 3,2” colored LCD screen thus the users are provided many facilities with charts and animations. Moreover, it has a very fast microprocessor and an operating system. This enabes it to carry out all the operations simultanesouly. Moreover, the micro SD memory card which may be extended upto 32GB, is the first in the sector.


In three phase systems, it measures RMS values of AC voltages and system frequency sensitively. Using up direction button (Select) phase-neutral voltages and phase-phase voltages monitor sequentially ke-FKR4(D) has many features.
Those are;
– Phase Failure
– Phase Sequence
– Over Voltage Protection
– Under Voltage Protection
– Voltage Unbalance (asymmetry)
– Over Frequency Protection
– Under Frequency Protection
When device is turn on if its adjusted voltages and frequency in its interval and if phase sequence is correct relay switch on. If any of error occurred ( except phase failure and phase sequence ) at the end of adjusted time relay switch off its contact. When system return normal values, at the end of time out relay switch on.


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